Ladies and Gentlemen it has finally arrived... Your Mobile Recording Studio. Lyricists and producers across all genres have been referring to StudioApp as one of the best mobile recording applications ever!

Whether you're making funny songs with friends, rehearsing on the go, or recording demos for your own album, StudioApp combines the recording quality and ease of use to suit your needs.

StudioApp is a 4 track recorder that enables musicians to record infinte layers of audio over any instrumental. When songs are completed, you can export all your songs directly to via your SoundCloud account and share them with friends.

Here's how it works:

- Use professional default instrumentals or Import any instrumental from your computer.
- Select album cover for your song.
- Record up to 4 layers of audio or as many layers as you like using the bounce feature.
- Export your completed song to your computer or SoundCloud account.

With a brilliant user interface and seamless audio sequencing, StudioApp tops the charts in mobile music production and raises the standards for every rapper, singer, DJ, MC and all else who don't want to deal with expensive and time consuming production tools.


"The fun of StudioApp is being able to record on the go with all of my buddies and make a hit in 5 minutes. I can't get enough of it!" -Eric Spett (one of the first testers for StudioApp)

Remember to submit all your completed songs for a chance to be heard on the Krasidy Podcast!

StudioApp Features:

-Track Count - Infinite (via the bounce feature)
-Track Length - Unlimited (dependent on instrumental)
-Record Quality - 44.1 kHz
-Lyric Pad
-SoundCloud account syncing
-Audio Store
-Album cover assignment
-Input Audio Decibel meter
-Input Clipping marker
-Calibrating Faders
-Seeking Timeline
-Latency compensation - within 1 ms
-Unlimited Project count
-Unlimited Instrumental count
-Wifi sync for importing and exporting

StudioApp supports 16 bit, Mono, 44.1 kHz WAV files